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WFPB Lifestyle

Whole food plant-based (WFPB) lifestyle is a way to increase your quality of life!  

The term “whole” in WFPB describes foods that are minimally processed. This includes as many whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and legumes as you want. ​Many eventually give up the “diet” label, in favor of “lifestyle.” Perhaps that’s because our popular notion of dieting has become so confusing. A WFPB lifestyle is different. It’s not a short-term punishment charged by guilt. It’s not a set of complicated meal plans. It’s simply a return to whole foods, rich flavors, and natural  health.


Ending food addictive behavior

Within the first few weeks, toxic food cravings will diminish, and you also learn the difference between true hunger, cravings and toxic hunger. Most of the “hunger” or “cravings” we experience is actually not hunger but food addiction. 


Health Benefits 

We believe you should work closely with your primary care clinician to put together a wellness protocol.  Blood pressure, cholesterol, weight, blood sugar, skin issues, and many other ailments are reduced or resolved as a result of this lifestyle change. Members have reported relief in symptoms and while under their doctor’s care a reduction or ending the use of medications.    

Weight Loss 

Plants contain little to no fat and a lot of fiber so you’ll get full faster on fewer calories.  Losing weight is actually a side effect of this protocol. 

You get to eat carbs No need for junk foods.  This highly nutrient-dense plan keeps you from craving unhealthy garbage.  

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