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Flavor Filled Life

Healthy Cooking and Nutritional Expert Coaching

About Me

Hello, my name is Vickie Davidson-Marion. I am the Founder and CEO of Flavor Filled Life. My credentials include: M.B.A from Indiana Wesleyan University, Six Sigma Green Belt Certification, and Plant-Based Nutrition Certificate, T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies and eCornell. 

My Background

From the early ages of 9 through 13, I studied the basics of being a great sous chef under my Grandmother who was an excellent southern cook. She studied hands-on techniques from a French chef which she then passed on to me.  My Grandmother not only passed on her advanced cooking techniques, but also a joy and love for cooking with flavor. You could say my style of cooking is a Southern-French Fusion. 

My Life

Spending 20 plus years in Corporate America in a fast-paced, high-stress environment took its toll. To unwind, I started researching more nutritious meals and used that information to re-invent and perfect old recipes. 

My Why

Out of nowhere, I was knocked down with a life event that would forever influence my personal and professional existence!  I was hit with number five of the top ten causes of death ( in the United States!  This event sent me to the emergency room at my local hospital. I could see the progression of symptoms moving just like a snowball down a hill but I didn’t understand what was causing the decline.  Understanding my health goals was easy, but being left with feelings of hopelessness to reduce or eliminate the disease remained.  

My Journey

My assumptions, beliefs and the facts regarding the causes of the disease were greatly misaligned. After loads of research I could clearly see that my food and lifestyle choices had contributed to my health trauma.  The research evidence was insurmountable to that truth.


In 2017 I gladly adopted a Whole Food Plant-Based lifestyle - I never looked back! The immediate changes have been phenomenal. The benefits can not be ignored. These changes have given me an exciting new lease on life. You too can make a positive change in your life - TODAY! 

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